18.01.2020 • Arrival of the teams in Saudi
19.01.2020 • Tournament day 1
2:30 pm A vs B: Al Hilal vs Sporting
4:30 pm C vs D: AL Nasr vs Atletico Madrid
6:30 pm E vs F: FC Viitorul Constanta vs Zenit St. Petersburg
8:30 pm G vs H : Red Stars Belgrade vs KRC Genk
20.01.2020 • Clubs academies presentation and Workshop
21.01.2020 • Tournament day 2
2.30 pm C vs G : Al Nasr vs Red Stars Belgrade
4.30 pm A vs E : Al Hilal vs FC Viitorul Constanta
6.30 pm D vs H : Atletico Madrid vs KRC Genk
8.30 pm F vs B : FC Zenit St. Petersburg vs Sporting Portugal
22.01.2020 Clubs academies presentation and Workshop
23.01.2020 Tournament day 3
2.30 pm F vs A : Zenit St.Petersburg vs Al Hilal
4.30 pm H vs C : KRC Genk vs Al Nasr
6.30 pm B vs E : Sporting Portugal vs Viitorul Constanta
8.30 pm D vs G : Altetico Madrid vs Red Stars Belgrade
24.01.2020 Semi-Finals
2.30 pm Third Group A vs Fourth Group B
4.30 pm Thirs Group B vs Fourth Group A
6.30 pm Winner Group A vs Second Group B
8.30 pm Winner Group B vs Second Group A
25.01.2020 Excusions & activities and Gala Dinner
26.01.2020 Finals
Final for the 7th and 8th place
Final for the 5th and 6th place
Final for the 3 rd and the 4 th place
Final for the 1 st and the 2 nd place
26/27.01.2020 Departure of the teams

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